Text Box:          Major Projects in Details




  Text Box: Airports






  Text Box: Full Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Updating and      Modernizing of Terminal Building 2 at Cairo Airport














The main aim of the study is to identify the practicality and possibility of applying the required modifications, demolition and refurbishment of the existing structural system for TB2, in addition to the appropriate structural system for the proposed extensions which should satisfy building's function, type, shape and fulfill the structural basic requirements of safety, stability and durability.


Cairo Airport Company (CAC) set out a strategic framework for the development of Cairo International Airport. The plan started with Terminal Building 3 (TB3) and the new runway (OSRR- 23LL). Construction and functionality has been successfully completed. Cairo Airport Company (CAC) plans to renovate Terminal 2 to meet a forecast demand for air travel rising to 7.5 million passengers per year by 2025. Cairo Airport Company’s preferred option for facilitating this predicated rise in demand is to undertake development based on an expansion of the existing terminal building facilities, together with an expansion of other terminal infrastructure and facilities.


The plan is to refurbish Terminal 2 at Cairo International Airport after the successful completion and operation of Terminal 3. Therefore, CAC requested that the design consultants NACO/ECG investigate and evaluate three scenarios for the renovation of Terminal 2

























For Noise prediction and modeling we use the most updated INM integrated noise model for accurate results to measure and predict noise levels for several years to estimate the annual increment and availability of airport usage.

For Air Quality we used a prediction model depend on the air pollutants in Egypt and the

prevailing wind direction over the greater Cairo area is from the north. At the Cairo International Airport north-north-westerly winds are dominant in the summer months, while southerly and westerly winds also prevail in the winter months, directing pollution from the airport away from the city. Mostly, the airport is upwind from the major air pollution sources in Cairo. The air quality in this area will thus be fairly clean compared to the high concentrations of air pollutants frequently observed in Cairo and have a minimum significant impact on the surrounding residential areas.








For Traffic the purpose of the TAI studies is to assess the traffic impacts on any proposed development of a roadway. This part presents the assessment of the traffic impacts on the proposed project (Airport TB2 for updating and modernizing) to be implemented in the surrounding road network of Cairo Airport.


The main objective of this study is to assess the impacts of the traffic generated by the terminal modernizing in the Cairo Airport during the construction and operation periods on the surrounding road network of the Airport.

Surface water as a result of the operation of TB2 due to the arid conditions and therefore, low annual

mean rainfall is experienced at the site. Limited rainfall means there are no permanent water bodies within the immediate vicinity that would receive contaminants collected in surface water that’s why we need to limit and recycle this water.






Text Box: Full Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Sharm El Sheikh new Airport



The ESIA is expected to play an increasing role in ensuring that the project meets sustainability criteria throughout constructing new building and new runway. Identifying potential adverse environmental impacts, as well as enhancing potential environmental benefits will achieve this objective. Identifiable environmental impacts are assessed according to a hierarchy of environmental management techniques. Where an adverse environmental effect cannot be avoided, the project has endeavored to minimize, remedy and/or mitigate the impact.


For Noise we predicted the noise levels for the 25 coming years with INM program to ensure

that the new building will be suitable for passengers’ increment and Noise generated from the operation of new building and new runway will not likely be a significant environmental impact for surrounding residential areas, compared to other noise generating activities at Sharm el sheikh airport. This is largely due the fact that the new building and new runway activity itself will emit little noise


and Noise Sensitive Receivers (NSRs) are some distance from the new building and new runway facility.

For Air Quality the modeling domain covers the area between longitudes 23 o: 40o E and latitudes

22o: 35o N, more attention is paid to the closer area to the Power plant location as internal nested domain. The vertical resolution is 32 levels between ground surface and 100HPa (~16km aloft).




For Traffic The main aim of this section is making preparation for annual participation in Operation Impact, Operation Impact runs over the proposed project beginning 2014, through to 2032 Operation Impact is an enforcement-driven traffic initiative designed to increase public awareness and compliance with safe driving measures whose goal is to save lives.


For waste water we need took in consideration that reduce heavy rain impact and recycle the waste.



Text Box: NOISE IMPACT ASSESSMENT for Cairo &Sharm El-Sheikh International Airports



A comprehensive study was done for the development of the air traffic in Greater Cairo and Sharm El-Sheikh. This includes construction of new runways. This development totally changes the air traffic map of these major cities. Out of this concern MB utilized a special Integrated Noise Modeling Software for special prediction of noise generated due to air traffic. This study included the following:


1.            Measurement of noise inside the airport in many locations: including the tarmac, the run way, the departure and arrival halls and the surveillance tower and residential areas.

2.            Measurement of noise at different locations outside the airport, putting in minds the airplane route corridors and track.

3.            Analysis of the measured data to find out noise emitted by each airplane brand, to determine which airplanes should not be used in Egyptian Airports according to the law and international standards.

4.            Full Noise prediction using suitable noise metric units for easy management of land use planning so that no inconvenience is caused to the inhabitants.

5.            Evaluation and deciding the best measures and techniques to reduce noise inside working and waiting areas within the airport and around

6.            Providing protection measures for workers operating close to airplanes.

The study continued for some months, and a plan for providing "Online Noise Measuring and Analyzing Equipment" for airports close to residential areas was recommended, It will be implemented within the next development plan for airports.






Output Example: Prediction of Noise for Cairo Airport

and Noise Measurements Locations.

Output Example: Noise Prediction of Sharm El-

Sheikh Airport and Noise Measurement Locations





The Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation (EHCAAN) has received a loan equivalent to U.S $ 335 Million from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and intends to apply part of the proceeds of the loan to payments under the contract for the technical assistance of "Fixed Manual Temporary Noise Measurements" for third terminal at Cairo International Airport (TB3), and a new terminal at Sharm El Sheikh Airport (SSH).


With the selection of MB to perform this project, a plan to perform the Fixed Manual Temporary Noise measurements for TB3 SSH has been performed for a time scale of four months, which generate a comprehensive database for the intended permanent automatic noise monitoring stations at the best selected locations for both airports.






Noise Measurement Locations for Cairo International Airport:







Demography center at El-Mokatem



At CO-OP Oil Station – El-Mokatem



Al-Abassya – at engineering industry Co.



InternationalGarden at Naser city



High building next to telephone central of Nasser city



Traffic #2 NaserCity



Social building beside El-Ahly Club



ElectricHospital – Misr Suez Road



At JW Marriot – Misr Suez road





Sheraton heliopolios area



At Mobil Oil Station - Autostrad



Shell at Ismalia desert Road



05R Ref



Tarmac of TB2



Tarmac of TB1



23R Ref



05L Ref



El- Salam City (El-SalamPrimary School)



Noise Measurement Locations for


Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport:






Horizon hotel



Hausa Hotel


Nubian village


Concord Al Salam


Logona Vista resort


Coral see resort


Al salam hospital


International plant at Sharm.


Al- Diwan Resort





Beach Albatros


Control tower


Pyramisa Hotel


Dominica coral Bay


Marine Sports club


04R reference


22L reference


Terminal building


Text Box: ENVIRONMENTAL SURVEY for NOISE at Egyptian International Airports


Cairo, Nozha, Sharm El Sheikh, Taba and Aswan airports were all put on an environmental auditing plan in order to measure, analyze and study the current environmental status from the noise point of view. The study was to contain the following points:

1.            Measurement of noise inside the airport in a many locations including the tarmac, the run way, the departure and arrival halls and the surveillance tower.

2.            Measurement of noise at different locations outside the airport.

3.                Analysis of the measured data to find out the noise emitted by each plane brand, for easy analysis.

4.            Noise survey for the mentioned airports to evaluate and estimate the noise hazardous in the Egyptian airports.


Borg Al-Arab and Al-Nozha Airports (Noise Impact)






The Government of Egypt (GOE) decided to implement an extensive modernization program

for the major Airports in the country. Alexandria Governorate as the second largest business center in Egypt is currently served with Al Nozha Airport and Borg El Arab Airport.




A noise study was conducted by MB team to measure and identify the affected areas in Al-Nozha and BorgEl-Arab Airports. Noise measurements were performed in 38 points located in areas surrounding the project area. Continuous measurements for more than 1 hour were considered in the study. By using The INM 6.0c Model, predicted values were deduced for years 2004, 2009, 2014, 2019 and 2024. The predications were recorded the DNL and WPCNL units.

Output Example: Noise contour for flight operations of

the year 2009

Output Example: Noise contour for flight operations of

the year 2014



Al-Alamin Airport


Al-Alamin International Airport can accommodate middle-sized aircrafts. As well as large size aircrafts.

Al-Alamin International Airport is important because of its existence in the middle of the north coast so it's very important to study the environmental issues which will affect the area of airport and the surrounding due to the fact that this area of the north cost is one of the best areas at the sea.

The main objective of the EIA is to examine the biophysical and the socio-cultural environment in the surrounding area of the project to ensure that possible positive impacts are magnified and negative impacts together with the required mitigation measures during different phases of the project are identified.































Output Example: Noise contour for flight operations of

the year 2004

Output Example: Noise contour for flight operations of

the year 2014



 Text Box: Traffic Noise


  Text Box: Full Environmental Impact Assessment For High Speed Railway-Saudi Arabia




It is proposed to Connect Makah, Madinah and Gedah passing through Islamic places in Saudi Arabia by High speed railway to serve Hogag and increasing the Religious Tourism.














 Text Box: Noise Impact Assessment for new extension at Shamia Haram Mekka














































It is proposed to conduct a site survey to understand the current soundscape at the proposed site of the Abdali Tower located in Jordan. The tower site is close to many existing busy roads. The effect of these roads on the site is not clearly understood.








AbdaliTower area with the measuring locations


Layout for the new Abdali Tower






Output Example: Noise Filled Contours for Abdali towers in Lden


Output Example: Noise Gradient Contours for Abdali towers in Lden







The proposed Trunk Bus Way, West Wing: Imbaba – 6th of October Cityfor JICA

MB Consultant performed an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the West Wing on

behalf of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Higher Committee (H/C) for Greater Cairo Transport Planning.

The objective of the EIA was to identify, present and predict the environmental consequences of the proposed traffic project, and to assist in planning appropriate mitigation measures and monitoring programs to reduce the adverse effects and maximize the environmental benefits.

This was accomplished by the following:

·Describe and record the present status of the environment in the area of the project; i.e. (baseline data).

·Describe the traffic mobility and assess its potential impact on the surrounding environment.

·Identifying appropriate measures to mitigate adverse environmental impacts.

·Provide an environmental statement to support planning application to the appropriate authorities.

·Analysis of environmental data and evaluating its importance.

·Evaluation of potential environmental impacts.

·Formulation of recommendations for mitigation of impacts and environmental monitoring.

Air Quality, Noise Level and Social Surveys were performed, the results helped to reveal the present environmental condition, socio-economic condition of the project area and the potential impacts expected from the proposed Supertram Project from Imbaba to 6th of October City.





West Wing Route and Measurement Locations



East Wing Traffic Route: Ain Shams – 10th of Ramadan City For JICA

MB Consultant performed an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Eest Wing on

behalf of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Higher Committee (H/C) for Greater Cairo Transport Planning.


Super Tram Heliopolis Metro Line 4: Ramsis Square – Nasr City For JICA

The Work performed is the same as mentioned in the West Wing (see above).

MB Consultant performed an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Super Tram on

behalf of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Higher Committee (H/C) for Greater Cairo Transport Planning

Super Tram Route and Measurement Locations




A noise contour map the super tram without barrier

Noise contour map the super tram with straight glass

barrier 2m height






CREATS "Cairo Project"




CREATS Cairo Regional Area Transportation Study, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Transportation, has conducted the largest study for traffic, first of its kind and magnitude in Egypt, which was part of a master plan to develop traffic in Greater Cairo. The study included a full environmental measurement and assessment.


A multitude of environmental parameters were to be measured at 30 different locations in Greater Cairo, for 135 consecutive days, 24 hours a day. A huge team was established to perform the task which came out as "outstanding" according the steer committee of CREATS.


SO2 , CO , NOx , PM10 , PM2.5 , O3 , Metrological Conditions and Noise level was measured. Two mobile labs with latest gas, particulate matter, noise level measuring devices was used. The program went punctually according to the time schedule where our team was on the street around the hour for the whole measurement period.


3.5 million readings for air quality measurements, 0.5 million readings for noise level and a 1700 page report was submitted in three large box files were the results of this project.




                                 Al Azhar Tunnel - Down Town Cairo                                            

Al Azhar Tunnel is a National Project with the aim to change the traffic pattern dramatically of an area of 20 Sq. Km. It consists of two main tunnels and an extra service tunnel.


We studied the effect of the tunnel in 3 aspects:


1.            Its effect on the reduction of the noise level downtown in Al-Attaba, Al-Darrasa and the Central Business District (CBD) of Greater Cairo after the tunnel works.


2.            Its effect on the air pollution and its reduction within the same areas.


3.            Its effect on the traffic pattern and how it is contributed to ease the flow of vehicles in one of the most crowded places in the world.


MB recommended a further study of the Noise and Air Pollution within the Tunnel itself after it works. This recommendation now is under consideration of the Tunnel Authority.






  Text Box: NOISE PREDICTION and BARRIER DESIGN for 26 July Corridor in Greater Cairo







A 3D model for a road segment without Barrier


A noise contour map for a road segment without Barrier


A 3D model for a road segment with Barrier






A noise contour map for a road segment Case 1


A noise contour map for a road area 1Km*1Km with Barrier







A full and comprehensive environmental impact was needed for the construction of SidiKrir Power Plants in Alexandria. A project that went on for 3 years from the design phase till both plants went into service. Several measurement points were determined to give a clear picture of the effect of the Plant on the surrounding environment and residents. These points were measures for 3 days 24 hours. It was repeated several times:

1.            Before construction of any of the plants.

2.            After construction and testing of Units 1 & 2.

3.            During construction of plant 3 & 4.

4.            After construction and testing of 3 & 4.

The study was used to verify the eligibility of the plants in the environmental point of view in this area.



     Cold Reheat Pipeline in Sidi Krir Power Plant Units 3 & 4   `

In 24 hours after the notification of a need for prompt vibration measurements for the cold reheat pipeline in side Units 3 & 4 – SidiKrir Power Plant, MB team moved with all necessary equipment to start measurement on this 7 storey high pipeline. The pipeline had possessed low frequency vibrations that had to be treated. We issued a full report of the measurement results, figures and graph in the same day.



MB posses the latest software to predict both outer industrial noise and noise due to traffic complying to ISO 9613 1/2 for outside noise calculations for industry and traffic. By inserting the data available from the Power Plant contractor (in the design stage) and estimating other data based on our prolonged experience, into the software a full noise contour map was the output. The map shows the effect of the plant from the noise point of view on the neighborhood. This is then used to modify the current design, such that this effect is reduced below the law limits. The figure below is the primary prediction map for the project.

This prediction study was done for the following Power Plants:

·Cairo North Base.

·Cairo North Extension.

·El-Nubareya Power Plant.

·El-Kuraimat Power Plant.

·New Talkha Power Plant.

This study enables the owner to quantitatively assess the impact of his Power Plant on the surrounding environment and thus insert necessary modifications in the design stage, which is obviously cost effective.


This study is enforced by baseline measurements at various locations to give a clear picture of the current status and set priorities of the noise abatement plan if needed.



Text Box: Using the Predictor™ Software, outside noise can be
easily presented.

Example of a Power Plant Model Using the Predictor™






All Machines within BOOT SidiKrir Power Plant


Private owned Sidi Krir Power Plant Units 3 &4 in Alexandria had to comply with both the local and international Occupational Health Standards. They had to make sure that all the machines supplied by the vendors must produce noise within the industrial noise limits. An individual investigation for each machine separately was made. This included measurement and analysis to verify the sole effect for each machine although they are all running in the same vicinity at the same time. More than 400 measuring points were appointed around pumps, fans, valves and the turbo-generators. The octave band analysis was used to define the effects of the machines and the backgrounds then a health report for each machine separately was issued with verdict if this machine was eligible for the occupational health working conditions or not.



MB team has also studied the acoustics within the control room and came up with recommendations to deal with the noise level problems in this room.


A noise contour map was drawn for the plant vicinities to give a true picture of the noise level within the Plant and the effects of the machines on the operators of the Plant.



Text Box: Full Acoustic Design forBlower House, Diesel Generator Room and Compressor Room for Degrémont for the Greater Cairo Wastewater Project (CWO) Gabal El Asfar WWTP – Stage 2 – Phase 1


It was required to accomplish a comprehensive acoustic study for three equipment buildings in the gigantic project of Cairo Wastewater. It was also required to study the effect of these buildings on the surrounding ones.


This task was full of restrictions where we could not change any details concerning the civil construction not to mention it was time critical. Although it was required to squeeze the time taken to study this project we finished 2 days earlier with a full comprehensive report with all  recommendations and drawings.


The construction was a consortium between Degrémont and Arab Contractors. Below is a snapshot of a 3-D model for the simulation of the buildings showing all the noise sources and buildings involved.

       Three types of calculations where used, using the state of art technology. Predictor™ and Odeon Software were used in addition to a multitude of acoustic calculations







Acoustical Model for the surroundings using the Predictor ™



Sana'a power plant (Yemen)


The Public Electricity Corporation of Yemen (PEC), a state owned enterprise, is presently planning to undertake implementation of the proposed Sana'a Emergency Power Project with financial support of the International Development Association (IDA), an affiliate of the World Bank Group.


The objective of the project would be to improve the availability and reliability of electricity in greater Sana'a, which is currently subject to serious power shortages. These shortages of electricity have various adverse environmental. Temporary measures to correct the problems have included development of an interconnection with Ta'iz and Aden; however, transfer of electricity from these cities is resulting in further disruption of energy availability at increasing number of locations. The rapid expanding use of small generators in Sana'a to overcome the impact of power shortages is one example of adverse effects, which will have significant local impacts to air quality and noise.






Layout for the power plant area


The power plant model


3D Model for the power plant


Noise filled contours for the power plant



 Text Box: Building Acoustics


  Text Box: Full details about TLC Qatar
The Learning Center Auditorium Qatar






Output results of Auditorium at 1000 Hz





































Description: TLC Schoolin Qatar Golf area it includes a number of class rooms, Lecture rooms, Library, large auditorium, sport area, Media production rooms  and other  student  facilities with full design details.

TLCSchoolhas been designed to achieve certain Acoustical requirements; these requirements can be divided into two main subjects: Room Acoustics, Isolations from incoming surrounding Noise Sources. All Audio Visual of the building has been designed.



Scope Duration

Estimated Value




2007 - 2008

3500000 USA $

Qatar Foundation



Scope: Acoustic design and Audio visual



DESIGN for Marina Mall - Kuwait


This work intended to reduce the noise level in the MARINA mall in Kuwait through active noise control techniques, executive measurements in the mall was done to find the cause of high noise level.


Some data were not available and has been assumed. After reviewing all the existing technologies only the passive control can be used for such enlarged area cases.

Three cases were studied using a suitable software for noise prediction :-

Case 1: The current situations without any change to validate our assumption

Case 2: Removing the fountain at the middle

Case 3: Adding new absorbing material and a new stand instead of the fountain





Layout for the Mall



Case 1: The current situation                                  Case 1: Acoustical performance of the current situation



















Case 2: The current situation without the fountain                     Case 2: Acoustical performance without fountain

















                     Case 3: The modified solution                                       Case 3: Acoustical performance for the modified solution






IMAX Cinema "Education City" 6th of October City



IMAX, being a leading firm that designs and builds 3-D movie theatre equipment, was selected to build the first movie theatre of this kind in the Middle East. They had very strict acoustic conditions for the implementation of the system. MB office made a full design of the inner acoustic material, where every little detail was constructed and revised to be acoustically compatible with IMAX's standards.










Acoustic Design for a Cinema using the acoustic modeling software ODEON ®




IMAX requested a Reverberation Time of 0.5 seconds at 500 Hz. After we designed the inner acoustics we were able to reach 0.25 seconds at 500 Hz. A computer software was used to verify this, which came with a full simulation of the inner acoustical status of the building.





City Center Multiplex Cinemas at Alexandria – Cairo Desert Road in Carrefour








Acoustical Performance of C1 at 8000 Hz

Acoustical Performance of C2 at 1000 Hz















    Grand Egyptian Museum survey and Acoustic review 




Description: a survey to was conducted to understand the current soundscape at the proposed site of the grand Egyptian museum. The museum site is close to an existing busy road on one aspect, residential section to the other and a military base and shooting range at each end. The effect of these on the site fully understood, these measurements used at the development deign step


Scope: Environmental noise survey for good design and review acoustic design

GrandEgyptianMuseum area &study locations.





Scope Duration

Estimated Value



Cairo - Egypt


2 billion LE

Ministry of Culture



·A full review for acoustic design by BuroHappold limited –UK through consulting firm EGEC in Egypt That includes review for all spaces inside the grand Egyptian museum years 2007-2008





Abdali Towers Jordon







Layout for the new AbdaliTower


Output Example: Noise Filled Contours for AbdaliTowers in Lden






DESCRIPTION: a full site survey was conducted at the proposed site of the AbdaliTower located in Jordan. The tower site is close to many existing busy roads. The effect of these roads on the site is not clearly understood and used fully at the design of all area specification including cinemas



Scope Duration

Estimated Value





2 billion USA $

BuroHappold Limited - UK


Scope: Environmental impact assessment & full noise prediction used for building design







Text Box: El-Gabal El Asfarwith Degrémont for the Greater Cairo Wastewater Project (CWO) Gabal El Asfar WWTP






Scope Duration

Estimated Value




2002 & 2008

2.5 billion LE

Greater Cairo Wastewater

Project (CWO)



Scope: Full acoustic design







Text Box: Cairo international airport terminal 3 new buildings












Description: ِ a full review of the acoustic performance and isolation for some buildings at Cairo international airport was performed.

A full Technical Support during architectural design and construction was done A comprehensive acoustical solution was performed.


The study includes the flowing buildings 1- Sky Way

2-   ApronTower

3-   LinksBuilding

4-   HotelBridge

5-   Terminal

6-   DomesticBuilding

7-   Fingers

8-   Concourse

9-   VIP lounge hall



Scope Duration

Estimated Value



Egypt, Cairo

2002 & 2008

400 million $

Aviation ministry

TAV ( Turkey )









NOISE SOLUTION for a Generator Room at Aida Beach Hotels

The generators in Aida Beach Hotels, Egypt, caused great annoyance to the visitors and neighbors. Our Job was to:


1-   Visit the site and perform noise measurements

2-   Create a model by using ODEON™ for the generator room

3-   Create a model by using the PREDICTOR™ for the surrounding area 4- Analyze all data

5- Establish an effective, but economic solution


The Generator caused too high noise level, and hence adequate noise insulations were suggested. After applying the suggested modifications in the generator room, the noise level reached an acceptable value as per Egyptian Law.


Acoustic Model for the generator room using ODEON ™

















Upon request from the owner to find out a solution for the noise impact generated from both the boat activity generators room and other activities on the clients cabins which will bother the clients and exceed the permissible limits listed in the Egyptian Environmental Law No.4 Noise annex No. 7, we submit this report to accurately find the best solutions for the noise problem at Karma boat.































































































Acoustical Performance SPL(A)



Acoustical Performance at 1000 Hz








Results at receivers inside the staff room



 Text Box: Noise Abatement


  Text Box: NOISE REDUCTION at the CNG filling station in Mostafa El Nahhas St. – Cairo





Complains from nearby residents to the CNG filling station in Mostafa El Nahhas St. lead to the governmental decision of shutting down the plant if the owners did not take suitable measures to reduce the noise levels produced by the machines (compressors) in the station. The noise levels there was measured to be 75 dB(A) at the points of complain. After detailed study and analysis of the acoustic status of this station, MB came up with certain recommendations and redesigns to reduce the noise level. We supervised the implementations of these recommendations. The result was a stunning more than 20 dB (A) reduction. The reading at the same point was 53 dB (A)!

This gave permission for the station to continue operating, and more than that the complaining residents withdrew their complains.



NOISE ABATEMENT SOLUTIONS for "Sindbad" Fun Town in Heliopolis


Due to continuous complaints from residents living next to this fun town, the Ministry of Environment in Egypt took a decision to shut down this facility. We had a different point of view!

A 6 months project plan was constructed to measure, analyze, and implement a noise abatement plan for the fun town. The plan pointed out several stages:

1.            Defining the exact noise sources and their acoustic properties.

2.            Relocating some of the fun machines and shops that produce irritating noise such that some screening effect would reduce the noise level.

3.            Treatment of the mechanical parts within these machines when necessary.

4.            Treatment of the speakers used and introducing methods of control.

5.            Adding green areas and other natural screens that would affect the noise level at the points of complain.

6.            Updating a report on the noise level status monthly to make sure the Fun Town was running according to law.

This plan was implemented successfully, that the Ministry gave permission for the town to reopen, on the condition of monthly positive reports. This major step gave revenue to all the costs of the acoustic study plan and implementation.



  Text Box: VIBRO-ACOUSTIC INVESTIGATION for Fan Room of the Egyptian Glass Factory







The Egyptian Glass Factory is the major Glass Sheets manufacturer in the Middle East. It contained a fan room consisting of two immense fans of 200,000 m3/h capacity. The fans produced a noise level of 120 dB(A) which was required to be reduced to 95 so as to reduce its effect on the adjacent control room and lab.

Using B&K Pulse™ which is a 16-channel portable measuring device we were able to measure vibration and noise simultaneously in several points. We were able to investigate how much noise was induced by vibraion and how much was air-borne

A detailed study was performed to reduce the noise level in the room. The solutions were innovative as it was required to implement the remedies online while the fans were operating.


                      NOISE INSULATION for a Bank's Air Handling Unit       


The air handling unit of a large bank in Nasr City, was a main source of disturbance for the residents around the bank. Their complaints were taken into consideration, and MB Consultants were assigned to the task.


The measurements indicated a higher than acceptable noise level, according to the Egyptian Law of Environment 4/1994.


Suitable isolation methods were suggested for the main sources of noise.


After the isolation works were conducted, the noise level was acceptable by both, the law and the residents.

Location of the Bank






The barrier used for AHU


Louvers for Compressor Room




Noise Control for Arabella Villages




Upon request from the owner to find out a solution for the impact generated from the celebration hall located in the heart of the area allocated for the Arabilla villages affecting the near residents (Villas) due to the transmitted noise signals, we present this report regarding the noise measurements and prediction inside the Arabilla village to clarify the situation based on the current noise sources and find out the solution from the noise point of view.